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The concentration of nerve endings, eccrine glands, arteries and veins makes your feet a natural gateway for toxins to move in and out of your body. When you receive foot detoxification treatments with us, we’ll utilize gentle electronic stimulation to encourage the outward flow of toxin buildup from your body.

If navigating the modern world of plastics, cleaners, processed foods, and environmental pollutions has you worried about keeping your body clear of harmful toxins, foot detox with Myles Grossman, DPM is the solution for you.

Effective protection against a world of toxins.

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Take advantage of the body’s natural gateways.

• Remove salt, heavy metals, bicarbonate, ammonia, uric acid and more

• The process will not remove medications, vitamins, or minerals from your system

• The system is pain and discomfort free

• Foot detox can increase your body’s ability to flush toxins naturally



Rapidly expel your body’s toxic buildup.

Most of our patients report changes in the way they feel following foot detox sessions. Many  report increased overall vigor, increased feelings of well-being, sharpened cognitive abilities, better moods, and less overall pain. No matter what your health goals are, the foot detox spa can be a powerful ally in your path to wellness.

The help you need to feel great from the ground up.

Shed toxins and increase quality of life the easy way with the foot detox spa.

Well-being can start with your feet!